Welcome to the new era of the historic Anthoussa Hotel

After decades of a successful career, Anthoussa Resort in Crete, Greece turns page and moves to a New Era. The hotel's fresh and enhanced concept will upgrade the standards of Cretan Hospitality by welcoming the 'Aktia' concept.

The new name of the Five Star Aktia Lounge Hotel & Spa, is inspired by the Greek word 'akti', which means coast. The name indicates the Hotel's amazing beachfront location, while emphasizing on the Lounge & Minimal character of the new concept.

Relax... It's Holiday

Aktia Hotel

Aktia Lounge Hotel & Spa is a fully equipped, luxury complex designated along the lines of high aesthetics and modern... more

Aktia Rooms

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Aktia Honeymoon

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Aktia Flavors

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Aktia Fun

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Aktia Wellness

Indulge yourselves at the relaxing world of AKTIA BODY AND MIND SPA. Treat your senses, body and mind and emerge brighter, relaxed and ... more